2015 Green Expo Presentations

Date: Saturday February 21, 2015

All presentations will be in Fabiani Theater (located in the University Center on Trine’s main campus)

1:00-1:30 Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)

What is a Soil and Water Conservation District and what do we do?

This presentation will give the audience surprising and important information about the organization and the types of projects SWCD is involved in. SWCD works with all landowners in the County because it takes everyone to make a healthy watershed. Attendees will gain a closer understanding of the many things we can all to preserve and maintain a healthy water system.


1:30-2:00 Indiana Forest Alliance

Wild Indiana Campaign

In the face of unprecedented commercial logging in Indiana’s state forests, the Indiana Forest Alliance has proposed thirteen “State Wild Areas” to be set aside from logging, road building, and other destructive uses. These areas would be managed for the benefit of low-impact public recreation and wild forest habitat.


2:00-2:30 Prof. William Sluis

Using Native Species in Landscaping

This presentation addresses different uses of native species in landscaping including butterfly gardens, pollinator gardens, rain gardens and small-scale habitat restoration. Also addressed will be some ecology of the types of plants adapted for different uses and some species that are appropriate for northeast Indiana.


2:30-3:00 All Things Food

Responsible Food For You & the Planet

Presentation: All Things Food is a grocery store and cafe in Bryan, Ohio and soon to be in Auburn, Indiana, that offers nutrient dense responsible foods that consider the land, animals, farmer and consumers health. Mo. Tressler, owner, and local food advocate, and Denise Hoff, co-owner and also a holistic nutrition counselor of A Recipe For Change, will discuss how and why ATF started and what are the future plans and goals of a grocery store with the mission to help build a stronger community through food.


3:00-3:30 ACRES Land Trust

ACRES Land Trust: Preserving Your Neck of the Woods

Meet ACRES Land Trust and discover how your community partners with our nonprofit to protect natural areas and make them available for exploration. We’ll talk about our history and bold goals for growth and you’ll discover how you can contribute. Learn about Land Management and Land Protection practices as well as Education and Outreach opportunities as you connect to Outreach Manager Lettie Haver.


3:30-4:00 Mantra Yoga Club

Going Green with Yoga

Yoga is becoming a part of popular culture. In the light of Yoga literature, we will look at deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy and practices. We will discuss Yoga lifestyle and how it supports sustainability and environmental friendly living coming from a place of respect and holistic living. We will also look at practical steps that we as individuals and community can take to create a sustainable environment.

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